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[Single] BoA’s ‘be with you.’

SINGLE REVIEW: BoA- be with you.

BoA- be with you.

Though I’m not always floored by BoA’s music, for me she is still a force to be reckoned with in the Japanese music industry, and she has not fallen from her seat among the top artists of recent times. Everyone says BoA really needs a reinvention, and though that may be nice, I think she is fine without it too. I liked her last two singles, and I’m hoping that this one will measure up. Here’s BoA’s ‘be with you.’


I loved the piano chords that opened up be with you., and despite that fact that the song isn’t flawless, it is certainly well done and touching. The verses are calm, beautiful, and the chorus is powerful yet still refined in a ballad-like manner. The music is formed using gentle percussion that mixes well with BoA’s serene vocals, and a constant track of synthetic strings. I like the way that the chorus progresses, and I do think that the overall song is very pretty. I think that people set the standards way too high for BoA, and that she doesn’t have to come out with a song that tops all of her old ones for every single. I can think of songs that are more powerful than this, such as Winter Love or Your Color, but that doesn’t mean this song is bad. I love the relaxing flow of the music with the vocals, and I think that the addition of piano chords in the beginning and occasionally throughout created a thoughtful atmosphere for the song. BoA controls her vocals well once more, and the track is filled with sweet notes that are pleasant to listen to.

Vocal Performance Grade: A+ — Musical Performance Grade: A — Composition Grade: A

Overall Grade: A

I liked the unique piano that began precious, because it created a sweet atmosphere for the song. This is much more of a classical ballad than the previous track, but equally worth listening to.  BoA’s vocals are more powerful in this song, but the composition is not as powerful as that of be with you.. My only complaint with this song is that the chorus wasn’t different enough from the verses to make the song diverse, but some of the gorgeous notes BoA hits make up for that to a degree. Upon first listen, the song is very engaging, but I will admit it loses that after a while. The melody isn’t catchy enough to keep you entertained for long periods of time. Though I won’t have this on repeat, it is a sweet song. The way the music built up to the chorus made it seem like there would be a powerful chorus to back up the calm verses, but that never really came, which is a bit of a disappointment. However, BoA’s high notes were a great turn-on, and the track is generally impressive though a bit boring.

Vocal Performance Grade: A+ — Musical Performance Grade: A- — Composition Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-



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[Single] BoA’s ‘LOSE YOUR MIND’



So I’m really loving the cover of BoA’s latest single, and I can’t wait to hear the song. With a title like ‘LOSE YOUR MIND‘, I’m really hoping for an upbeat dance number. BoA’s latest singles have been good, but I want something ridiculously amazing like so many of the songs on VALENTI that I couldn’t put down when I first started listening to her. I really like her voice, and I’m confident that powerhouse BoA can make a comeback… Here we go, BoA’s ‘LOSE YOUR MIND’.


Whoo, I’m really pleased with LOSE YOUR MIND. The song starts off with some rolling electric guitar and calm vocalizations from BoA soon accompanied by some percussion and miscellaneous sounds. The song is most definitely upbeat, and although a bit less than what I wanted, still a strong and entertaining song. BoA’s vocal performance was top notch throughout the song and really made me wild (<– Hehe, thats one of the lyrics…). The song is super danceable and just does everything the right way for me. Other than a random screaming of the word ‘Yeah’, every note was well executed and attractive. I loved the interlude that featured the DOPING PANDA guy, although I have no idea who he is. He’s good at guitar at least. The song had a wonderful consistency and the music was gorgeously composed. BoA did a fantastic job on this song.

Vocal Grade: A — Musical Grade: A+ — Consistency Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A

The single’s upbeat nature comes to a screeching, piano accompanied halt with the ballad Smile Again. The music is very heartfelt and even a bit christmas-ish, dare I say. It’s really a beautiful song, and BoA’s vocals really are at their very best. The verses are very slow and calm, but the chorus picks up for a dramatic and sweeping effect that makes the song as good as it is. I wish they had used an echo effect or something of the sort on her voice so that it would be even more dramatic, because it sounds a bit dry since they didn’t do anything other than the bare minimum of vocal adjustments. Oh well, it proves that BoA’s voice is gorgeous and doesn’t even need background vocals to support it. I love BoA’s power notes because of how strong they are, and there were plenty in this song, which makes me happy.

Vocal Grade: A+ — Musical Grade: A — Consistency Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+


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[Single] BoA’s ‘LOVE LETTER’





BoA is actually the second Japanese artist I ever listened to, and another one of my personal favorites. Her voice is really pleasant to listen to, and I’ve followed her all the way since her ‘Valenti’ album. I really like BoA, and I’ve heard really good things about this single, so I’m kind of excited. My only problem with BoA is that she doesn’t write her own songs, composition or lyrics most of the time, so I doubt I’d like her as much if I hadn’t listened to her so early on. BoA is of Korean origin, and is famous in both South Korea and Japan. Shes done collaboration projects with artists from the Korean DBSK to Koda Kumi. Well, now introduction BoA with LOVE LETTER.———

LOVE LETTER lacks introductory music, which would normally bother me if her vocals weren’t really cool. There appears to be a bit of electronic editing when she sings the introductory lyrics, which makes a really cool effect. The verses are quiet with a nice beat, and BoA’s vocal performance is fantastic. She actually had a part in writing this which makes it all the better. I love the chorus, which features the electronic vocals from BoA again. The bridge is super great, and her soft but powerful vocals really came through. I loved that bridge… xD, I didn’t want it to end. However, moving onto the impressive chorus wasn’t that bad. The overall feel of the song is very emotional, which I’m glad that I can get from BoA. Her voice is really good, even though Japanese isn’t her first language. Her Japanese is only a little bit accented when she sings, and I think she sounds really good. Great Job, BoA.

Vocal Grade: A+ — Musical Grade: A

Overall Grade: A+

Although BoA’s vocals are good in Diamond Heart, it was my least favorite song on the single. The song feels really jumbled, and I think she sings the verses too fast. The whole song is just so much crammed into so little space. I do, however, like the chorus because of the power of her voice. I think that the composer of this song didn’t do very well, and I don’t really care for the fast beat. BoA’s vocals aren’t at their best in the verses and bridge, either. A combonation of this makes the song sound really botched. I think that if they maybe slowed it down a bit and took out some of the lyrics. I mean, they have so much crammed into that song that her voice is jumbled and kind of bad. I just don’t generally care for this song.

Vocal Grade: B- — Musical Grade: C+

Overall Grade: B-

I REALLY like Beautiful Flowers. I think the introductory drums leading into the dramatic orchestral music create and awesome song, even if BoA barely sang in it. However, she does sing, and it is also amazing. The chorus of this song is my favorite, because I smile every time I listen to it. I really like the way her voice sounds when she sings ‘Beautiful Flowers’, and I think that her vocals performance throughout the song, though especially in the chrous, are amazing. The bridge is also really beatiful, and the song’s beat is really great. The song is almost inspirational, and I really find myself liking it. This is my favorite song off the single, and I’m really glad she put this on here. I almost wish it was the A-Side… But then again, BoA needs a good B-Side too.

Vocal Grade: A+ — Musical Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+


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