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As wierd as it may be, I’m a fan of B’z. I don’t know why, because it’s not like my personality, but I have a soft spot for this kind of music. I don’t think that B’z always has the most impressive vocals, but their music is amazing, and the overall songs are usually really cool to listen to, despite the fact that they put out a lot of similar music. My Japanese teacher is the one who got me into B’z some time last year, and I’ve liked them ever since. Back when I listened to American music, I listened to a few bands similar to B’z, so I guess they kind of fall within my comfort zone. Here’s the review for B’z ‘SUPER LOVE SONG’.


Don’t let the admittedly cheesy title SUPER LOVE SONG deter you from listening to the song, because it’s really not a cheesy song. SUPER LOVE SONG features great vocals and amazing, furious guitar like you would find in any B’z song. Though the song could be a bit more unique, I love it because I love B’z, and they’re doing what they do best. I liked when it slowed down and you could really get a feel for the idea of the song. What I loved even more was right after that when there was a really cool guitar solo which made my smile. I had wanted to hear one really bad, so I was excited when it finally came.

Vocal Grade: A — Musical Grade: A+ — Consistency Grade: A

Overall Grade: A

The second song on the single is the more ballad-ish Koko Kara. This song features really well-done, heartfelt vocals that carry the song well. The musical aspect is still really cool, and though this song is slower than SUPER LOVE SONG, it is still well crafted. The composition is attractive, and the overall feel of the song, though slower, is still fun to listen to. I don’t think this song is as good as the previous track, but it does make a nice B-Side. In some ways, the song bored me, but I think that it may have just been slightly repetetive. The song didn’t really have a lot to offer, but generally it’s okay.

┬áVocal Grade: B — Musical Grade: B+ — Consistency Grade: B

Overall Grade: B

The last song on the single is a completely English track entitled FRICTION. I like this song a lot better than the previous, though it’s not as impressive as SUPER LOVE SONG. I had no idea that they could speak English, but I guess it’s always a plus in the Japanese music world. This song is more upbeat like the title track, and features a great chorus, which is by far my favorite part. The vocals are a little iffy, but I think that they are acceptable. There’s another guitar solo, which made me happy, and the entire musical aspect as a whole is much nicer than Koko Kara. Again, it’s not quite as good as the A-Side, but that’s okay since it is, after all, the B-Side. I think B’z gives a really great English performance, and I can barely detect an accent at all. I’m rather impressed.

Vocal Grade: B+ — Musical Grade: A — Consistency Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-



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