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SINGLE REVIEW: ERIKA- Destination Nowhere

ERIKA- Destination Nowhere

I loved ERIKA’s debut single FREE, and I really hope that her latest single can measure up. I really disliked the cover when I first saw it, and although I have warmed up to it a bit, I still don’t care for it. I don’t want the song to match the cover, because it would just sound to strange. The scans from the single itself weren’t bad as long as ERIKA wasn’t in the pictures, but when she was… That hair…


I really like the subtle high pitched guitar in the background of Destination Nowhere, and the composition is great. ERIKA gives a very well done vocal performance, though it isn’t really worth raving about. The song has a certain relaxing quality to it, but it’s not all that engaging. It sounds a lot like FREE, but maybe lacking that umph that made the previous single so pleasurable to listen to. I like the music in this song, and ERIKA really does do well, she just sounds kind of bored while singing it, and it doesn’t pull me in. In a technical sense, the song is very well done, but something about the vocals are just a bit off. Anyway, the music is definitely the best part, and although her voice is off, Destination Nowhere is a strong follow up single. It simply doesn’t compare to the recent releases from other artists, though.

Vocal Grade: B — Musical Grade: A — Consistency Grade: A-

Overall Grade: B+

The B-Side of this particular single is the more electronically influenced ESCAPE. I didn’t care much for the introductory piano, but when the percussion was added in with it, the whole song improved. Like in FANTASY off her previous single, Sawajiri’s vocals are very effected by some electronica. I personally love the sound of it, and I’ve always had a soft spot for that kind of music. It reminds me of a song from my childhood, which I can’t currently recall… Anyway, I like the scattered synth and constant percussion in the song, and generally I think it is better than the cover track. Even though her vocals are pretty distorted, her performance is stronger in this song than in Destination Nowhere. Her bored tone works out much better with this kind of music, and I have really ended up liking this song more than the A-Side.

Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: A- — Consistency Grade: A

Overall Grade: A



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[Single] ERIKA’s ‘FREE’




Erika is a new artist to me, but she has a lot of potential. Her voice is really strong, and I enjoy the hard rock aspect of her music. She used to be a model, and she can definitely act. She has it all, and I really think that she does a good job. Her music is really fun to listen to, and I spent all morning so far with ERIKA in my ears. I can’t wait to see how she does! So here is ERIKA’s new single, ‘FREE’.


I am so glad that I found ERIKA, because FREE shows how great she can be. Her vocals are great, and I think the overall feeling of the song is really fantastic. The electric guitar in the background makes for a great listen, and all the elements that combine to make this song are just perfect. ERIKA’s voice is definitely suited for more rockish songs, but I would be interested to see her try some pop. I really, really like this, and I highly recomend this song. It’s not the best I’ve heard, but its still really good. Her ability to sing with a lot of feeling is a great thing, and I’m so glad that she has that. Artists can’t be as good as artists like ERIKA and YUI if they can’t feel their music. If you sing things that you don’t actually feel, or something that isn’t real for you, then your losing all the passion. Good Job ERIKA!

Vocal Grade: A — Musical Grade: A

Overall Grade: A

When I first listened to FANTASY, I had my suspicions. It felt very techno influenced, and I wasn’t sure if I liked ERIKA’s voice. They way it was distorted to fit the whole ‘FANTASY’ idea made me wonder how far she would go in comprimising her voice. However, I have grown to really like the song. It almost reminds me of the Blue Man Group, but way better. Her voice is really cool on this, and the techno idea of the song is actually really appealing to me. I don’t like techno, but I really liked this song! I listen to it more than FREE, probably because of how unique it is. I really can’t think of any jpop like this song. I can’t get over how cool this song is.

Vocal Grade: A — Musical Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+

Time to go Home is my least favorite song off the single, simply because of how much of a cross between the two songs it is. I like it, it’s just my least out of the three. ERIKA’s vocals are really good, but there is not the unique aspect in this one that both the songs had. This is more like typical, somewhat rockish jpop. However, it is a good song, if a bit lacking in the wow factor. There is a quality if repetition a bit in the whole song, but it’s not really bad like some songs i’ve heard. I think that it would be better if the chorus was a bit more daring. I do like the rough electric guitar in the background though. I find the song pleasing, but I perfer both of the above tracks.

Vocal Grade: B+ — Musical Grade: B+

Overall Grade: B+


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