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GReeeeN- BE FREE/Namidazora

After reviewing GReeeeN’s latest works, I have come to really like them. They’re not my favorites, but I like their style and the way that their music has meaning. I also think it’s interesting the way that they haven’t revealed their faces. Annoying, but interesting. Anyway, here is GReeeeN’s ‘BE FREE/Namidazora.’


I love BE FREE‘s melody because of how pure it sounds. The song begins with nothing but gentle piano chords, but soon bursts into a full band arrangement with percussion and guitar. The verses are very well done, but the chorus really takes the cake. The catchy manner in which GReeeeN sings and the instruments are played really engages the listener without much effort. There are a few points when the vocals could have been a bit more controlled, but for the most part they did an incredibly job with this song. It’s definitely better than Hito, and runs a close race with Machi. There’s something about the chorus that is just really cool. I love the sound of it, and the overall atmosphere of the song. I liked the occasional violin at the end of the song, and I have to say that this is a pretty impressive track. Hopefully only another single or two before their sophomore album.

Vocal Performance Grade: A- — Musical Performance Grade: A — Composition Grade: A+ — Harmonization Grade: A

Overall Grade: A

Namidazora begins with electronically distorted vocals and quiet piano accompanied by gentle electric guitar. Percussion appears after a bit, and there are chimes scattered throughout the track. For a good quarter of the song GReeeeN sings in unison, but there are duo and solo parts throughout the song as well. Overall, I didn’t find Namidazora nearly as interesting as BE FREE. The composition didn’t have that unique sound, and it just wasn’t diverse enough to keep one entertained. The vocals were just too uniform, and it didn’t have the feeling that the previous track did. It’s not a bad song, but I know that GReeeeN is capable of so much more. Luckily the other song was given a PV, because I don’t really think that this one is worth it. Not dreadful, just generic and fairly boring.

Vocal Performance Grade: B — Musical Performance Grade: A- — Composition Grade: B — Harmonization Grade: A-

Overall Grade: B



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[Single] GReeeeN’s ‘Hito’


GReeeeN- Hito

I was really excited when I heard that GReeeeN had a new single because I was afraid that they went off and became dentists… My Japanese friend gave me a long speech about them and how they wanted to become dentists. Anyway, they obviously didn’t do so, or at least took time off, and made a new single called ‘Hito’


The guitar in the beginning of Hito was really nice, and it sets a light atmosphere. The introductory vocals are pretty low, but they worked well together once more. They’re good at harmonizing, and I really liked when those first vocals ended and everything went a little higher and became more upbeat. GReeeeN’s vocals are top notch in this song, and it’s one of their best done songs to date. In their album there was always one person who would come in with some strange vocals and an unejoyable performance and almost ruin the song for me. There is none of that in this song, which I’m glad for. The song is mostly electric guitar and percussion, and I like the way it progresses. This is a very solid song from GReeeeN.

Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: A — Consistency Grade: A — Harmonization Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A

When Machi began, I was slightly thrown off by the female voices singing, but it was actually enjoyable. This song is a step down in the tempo department from Hito, but I actually like it a lot more. GReeeeN’s vocals in this song are beautiful and really compliment the piano-like sounds that make up the background music of this song. Everyone’s slows down quite well for thsi song, and I think that as a whole it is much stronger than the A-Side. I think Machi could easily have replaced Hito with the same or better sales. The overall arrangement of Machi is much better, and I perfer it to Hito, as I’m sure I’ve made clear.

Vocal Grade: A — Musical Grade: A+ — Consistency Grade: A+ — Harmonization Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+


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ALBUM REVIEW: GReeeeN- Ah, domo. Hajimemashite.




I don’t know much about GReeeeN other than their music. I know that they did an intro for an anime (one of thier songs was used as one, that is), and that even though the band name is wierd, they can sing. To me, the sound a lot like an older, japanese Yellow Card. They have that kind of sound. It’s not quite J-Pop, but it’s not quite J-Rock. According to my Japanese friends, they’re going to be dentists… O.o, no Idea where that is from, but I don’t have any information to suggest otherwise, so hey. Dentists it is. GReeeeN has had a single or two before this album, and showed themselves to be good competitors in the Japanese Music world. I think they’re pretty good, and this album has been within the top ten of the oricon charts for quite a while. So, introducing the [dentist] band GReeeeN with ‘Ah, domo. Hajimemashite.’




I like this song a lot. The piano featured in Michi is really cool, even though it reminds me of christmas carols when I hear it at the end. Their voices harmonize well, and they form a good group. I have no idea what their names are, so I can’ t really pick out who is doing the best. I know that whoever does the first solo has a great voice. Well, they all do, but he stands out. I like the way that the song is broken into a bunch of solos in the verses and the last few words of the sentences are sang by all of them. It is a really cool effect. The entire chorus is all of them singing, whereas they take turns with solos during the verses. I think the way that they sing together is really cool, and it makes for really good songs.


Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: A — Harmonization Grade: B+Overall Grade: A



The introduction to Day by Day is a bit wierd, and reminds me of Anglea Aki’s ‘Sora wa Itsumo Naiteru’, simply because it is somewhat childish. I do not like the voice of the soloist who has the deepest voice. It is very scratchy (I think it’s the second soloist), and I think that he needs to learn how to sing from the diaphragm instead of the nose. His voice was squeaky because of the way he sang through his nose. I am really impressed with the vocals of most the GReeeeN members right now, simply because of how strong they are and how much feeling they can put into them. At first the song was somewhat repetetive, but then it really changed up and created a really cool effect. Man, these guys are really showing what they’re made of xD

Vocal Grade: B+ — Musical Grade: B+ — Harmonization Grade: A

Overall Grade: B+

I am really impressed with GReeeeN beccause of Ai Uta. I’m only three songs into their album and it’s already pretty dang diverse. Their voices reach really great levels, and I find this song really cool. I believe this was their popular song off the album, which is slower [although by normal standards its not slow] than the rest of their music. I really like the beat of this song as well, and I find their use of piano with their almost rockish music and electric guitar to be really cool. I didn’t like the music in the beginning however, when the piano played quietly behind the singer’s voice because if they’d done it right it would have sounded way better louder. However, in general, this song is really good. And according to the Japanese who hae kept it charting for many weeks, it’s great.

Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: B+ — Harmonization Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-



Firstly, the music for HIGH G.K LOW ~Hajikero~ was REALLY cool. However, I didn’t like the vocals very much. Some of it was okay, vocally, but when the low voiced guy did a little rap thing, it was really annoying. I did, howevver, like when they sang ‘Woah-oh-oh-oh” I thought it was really cool. This song is DEFINITELY J-rock rather than hyped up pop now. I normally don’t care too much for J-Rock, but I did like this song. Heavy electric guitar and a really cool beat the beginning made the music really outshine the vocals. However, I was really confused when the music basically stopped except for some cymbals and the members kind of just talk-sang for a moment. It was really strange, but it wasn’t that bad. They got back to the music and I was headbanging [covers head in shame] as soon as it was restarted. This song isnt really my favorite since J-Rock isn’t my cup of tea, but I do think it was really good.

Vocal Grade: B — Music Grade: A — Harmonization Grade: B

Overall Grade: B+

The starting music of NEW LIFE was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the previous song. Very soft and cheerful at first with some bell-like instruments accompanying the voices of GReeeeN. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as the previous song. Their voices are good, but really only with some strong music. They aren’t quite made for songs with quiet music because of the volume of their voices. The music was totally drowned out while they were singing, and I didn’t really like the way that the music and the voices were together. I found the feeling of the song to be really strange too, just the way that the elements were put together. Not a horrible song, just not as good as their others.

Vocal Grade: B — Music Grade: B- — Harmonization Grade: B+

Overall Grade: B



I thought that Koinu was one of thier bad songs on this album. It was kind of boring, and I thought their vocal performance was pretty bad. When their voices are controlled, their very monotone and dead. Not to mention the scratchy voice of one of the members was featured which destroyed the harmonization. The main singer had a tough time with this song, and his voice cracked a lot. I was really confused as to how the strangeness of the chorus’s vocals went unnoticed, because he didn’t sing it well. He sounds like he is trying to hit high notes that are out of his range. I’m not really that pleased with this song, and it’s probably my least favorite song from the album.

Vocal Grade: D — Musical Grade: C — Harmonization Grade: C-

Overall Grade: C-



The musical entrance to MISS YOU was very diffferent from their other songs. It has a soft beat that makes me think some girl J-pop singer is going to come flying in with a high note. xD, It’s not bad actually, and I like the way that it all works out. The first vocalist’s voice is a little bit dead, but it kind of works with the background music that way. If it was too powerful, the background music would be over powered. The second vocalist, the lead singer, does a great job with te feeling in his voice as usual, and I really like what he did with the song. The verses are really repetetive, which is a little bit annoying, but the way the song has a lot of different components (RAP o.O) makes up for it. I hate rap, but the way it is done in this song makes it really cool. I don’t even mind it. I like the vocals of everyone in this song, and I think this is a really cool message. As the title suggests, It’s about someone you love leaving, and you miss them, want them to come home etc.

Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: A — Harmonization Grade: B+

Overall Grade: A-



Tegami ~Kimitachi e~ jumps right into the music which annoys me in any song. I don’t think that the introductory singer’s vocal performance was very strong, and I think that the song kind of has a boring air. It’s really just all of the members singing in a somewhat monotone voice in rotational turns. The chorus is the best part of the song where they all band together and sing, which is where I always like them best. Their vocals are good in the chorus, but pretty dead everywhere else. I thought the song was really lack-luster, and that it could use some work on the feeling department. The song is called “Letter~To you guys~” assuming that you’re not talking about bills or something, letters are usually a bit more important than they made them sound in the song xD. I thought that the song was just too boring.

Vocal Grade: B — Musical Grade: B — Harmonization Grade: B

Overall Grade: B



GReeeeN just continues to musically amaze me. The beginning of Paripipo features violin, although it is a rock song. I thought it was SUPER cool, and the created effect was just awesome. The beginning vocals are low pitched singing, almost rap. I thought that it made a really cool atmosphere. There is a tone of technological editing in this, and their voices are continually taking on different sounds and sent through different filters to create an AMAZING effect. I really like the way that this song was put toegether, and every aspect is really cool. The only complaint I could have would be that the violin was extrememly repetetive after a while. It luckly changed some of I’m beginning to think that the violin is probably the piano on a guitar setting.

Vocal Grade: A — Musical Grade: A+ — Harmonization Grade: A

Overall Grade: A



I really hated this song, to be completely honest. Their song Regerege probably intended to be Reggae, was really a waste of their talent. I think they were trying to be reggae with their voices, and I hated it. Their vocals are totally screwed up, and they sound totally unpleasant. The music by itself would not have been bad if the vocals hand’t ruined it. The introductory vocals are horrendous, and I can’t even listen to this song again after this time. Once and only once… The vocals were just crap. I highly reccomend that you DON’T download this song. Unless of course you like reggae music [if this is even what it sounds like], then have at it. I personally found it horrible.

Vocal Grade: D — Music Grade: C- — Harmonization Grade: C-

Overall Grade: D+

Midori isn’t really good or bad, but really just average. The intro is kind of boring, and the first singer’s vocals are pretty weak. I can’t really decide whether or not I like this song. The main vocalist also made a weak performance in this song. I think that the song has a really strange air about it, and I don’t really care for it, I’ve decided. The harmonization is superb, but the actual song itself is really too hampered by weak vocals and boring music. I don’t have much more to say about this song. It isn’t really bad, it’s just bland.

Vocal Grade: C — Music Grade: C+ — Harmonization Grade: A-

Overall Grade: C+


The album was really inconsistent as far as good songs went, and it jumped around a lot. Some of the songs were really good, but some were really bad. There were points when I was like ‘Oh my gosh their vocals are fantastic!’ but there were also point when I was like ‘What were they doing…?’ Through the good and bad, it was a pretty pleasant album, and I reccomend most of these songs for download. GReeeeN’s performance and talent level is pretty high. I hope they have a successful career [As Dentists]?


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