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SINGLE REVIEW: Hitomi Shimatani- Shinku

Hitomi Shimatani- Shinku

Hitomi Shimatani is one of my latest discoveries in the J-Pop world, and I decided to review her music even though she’s not the most talented vocally of the artists I know. The thing I like about Shimatani is that she has really unique and dramatic music that kind of ties back to older Japan. Also, she is probably the most beautiful singer there is in Japan at the moment. I really like Hitomi’s music when I’m off to bed, because her voice has a kind of releaxing quality. She definitely doesn’t appeal to everyone, and least of all the rap saturated america. Her music is definitely unique, and totally Japanese, not like Koda Kumi’s who is very americanized. I’m glad Shimatani sticks to her roots.


As usual, the music for this particular Shimatani single is really dramatic and powerful in the beginning. Shimatani’s music has the tendancy to build up in the beginning, which makes an interesting effect. Shimatani’s vocals in Shinku are actually really nice and pleasant. Sometimes her vocals take on this slightly unpleasant broken quality which is unique, but a bit over the top. However, this song’s vocals are pleasantly controlled, and when accompanied by the music, create a nice and pleasing atmosphere. The song could be a little more diverse in its composition, but it’s not that bad. The beat gets a little bit repetetive after a while, but I think the song is pretty good.

Vocal Grade: B — Musical Grade: B+

Overall Grade: B+

The piano in Ai no Uta is a lot simpler than most of Shimatani’s music, but her calm and relaxing vocals more than make up for a less driving instrumental. This song, like many of Shimatani’s, sticks to true Japanese style, and I could totally picture her sitting in a refined little kimono with a hair piece and instrument in front of her going all out, but remaining true to herself. This song is really traditional, but I think I like it more than Shinku. The vocals in this song are really pleasant, and they show that Shimatani does have a nice, if a bit grating, voice that makes her famous in Japan. It does also show that she would not be able to make it in America, as this song is really not anything like American style. Our traditional music invovled banjos and oxen… Just kidding. But it’s definitely not geared towards american audiences. Which makes sense since she sings in Japan…

Vocal Grade: A — Musical Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-



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