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SINGLE REVIEW: K x ET-KING’s ‘Kono Uta wo………’

K x ET-KING- Kono Uta wo........

To be completely honest, I am very afraid for poor K. I happen to know who ET-KING are, and I can just look at the coupling and know that there is very little likelyhood that this is going to work out to K’s advantage… I’ve established that I hate rap in all forms, and I’m really not excited to review this single. I can just see the bad grades floating around in the air… Well I’ve always been a fan of K’s voice [though that may be about to change…], and I really hope that he does well on this single, though the chances are pretty dismal… Here’s K’s and ET-KING’s latest single ‘Kono Uta Wo……..’.


Oh my god. I knew this would happen…. Well I’ll start with the parts that I like. In the cover track Kono Uta Wo…….. I thought that K did a very good job when he was singing by himself and there was no trace of ET-KING. The beat was okay, and I think it would make a nice instrumental maybe… Now I’ll move to what I didn’t like: ET-KING. There was not anything about their vocal performance that didn’t repell me, and it kind of ruined the song. Every time that their strange sort of rapping came up, I wanted to turn the song off. Actually, I don’t mind their singing. But for a lot of the song they were just talking/rapping and it sounded horrible. Since this isn’t just a featuring ET-KING song, the vocal grade will have to include both of their performances. Anyway, when they actually SANG the chorus I thought it was nice, except for when they sang la la la la la la/ra ra ra ra ra ra. Oh, and the introduction was really stupid… They were speaking english, but because of their accents it sounded like they had a lisp and it was really disappointing. This song was a pretty dismal failure.

Vocal Grade: D — Musical Grade: C — Consistency Grade: C

Overall Grade: D+

The second track, NO WOMAN,NO CRY, started out sort of promising until it began for real. And then I realized that it was just as bad if not worse than the title track. The only sort of okay part was the chorus, but even that was disappointing because of some kind of boring vocals and an extreme level of repetetiveness. The vocals in this song are absolutely horrendous. It would probably sound a lot better if it were in Japanese, but it’s not… The members of ET-KING tried to speak in English, which made their voices come out horrible. Even K’s vocal performance was mediocre, but the real problem was ET-KING. I cannot see how anyone with any sense let this song be created. ET-KING sound disgusting and this is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in a long time.

Vocal Grade: F — Musical Grade: C- — Consistency Grade: C-

Overall Grade: D-

The introduction music to Ki.Zu.Na -Wasurenai yo- was actually really beautiful, and I was incredibly glad that the song featured only K’s vocals. I was afraid that all three would be with ET-KING, but thankfully not. This is really a pretty song, and the only decent song off the single. I wish this had been the A-Side so that I could put more wieght on it, but it’s unfortunately not. The music to this song is well composed, and K’s vocals are finally back to their normal state of greatness. I don’t like his english songs lately because he sings like he has a lisp and it’s really strange. The overall feeling of this song is nice, and although it is the best song on the single, it is kind of average. I wish they had all been at least this good, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: A — Consistency Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-



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SINGLE REVIEW: K- Birth of Treasure

K- Birth of Treasure


I was introduced to K through the blog [listed on my blogroll] called Beyond the Sea. The blog is named after K’s debut album which is titled ‘Beyond the Sea’. I thought K was pretty good, though he wasn’t my favorite. He plays the piano, so his songs are mostly piano and R&B beats. He has a really nice voice, and a shockingly pleasant falsetto. Sometimes his voice annoys me because it’s not very diverse, but I do like him. I know him as a ballad and up-tempo hip hop-ish singer, because I haven’t heard anything out of those categories from him. He’s, again, a good singer, though not super diverse. I hate the cover for this single to be honest, because it is some random white baby. If it was K, or at least a K look alike, I might be okay, but because it is so clearly a random white baby, I’m really missing the logic behind this cover. It is called birth of treasure, so I understand the baby thing, but the fact that the baby has no signifigance to anything kind of confuses me. Anyway, ignoring the cover, I’m hoping for a good single from K. Here’s Birth of Treasure.


I’m slightly disappointed with the overall air of Birth of Treasure, being that he has done a TON of similar songs to this one, but I do admit that it is well done. K’s vocals are calm and fit the slow silky flow of the song, and they are well controlled. The music is slightly dramatic like most of K’s songs, but I still have the overwhelming feeling of ‘boooooringggg’. I have to say that I really wish he had done something a bit more unique for an A-side. The music video is just K sitting in a room with a bunch of baby pictures of himself, which is kind of cool to watch, but doesn’t make up for the overall boring song. There isn’t really anything that I can pick out technically about this song that is unpleasant or off, but it’s just exactly like everything K does. I feel like I’m saying that a lot [I am xD], but I just don’t really have much to say about this song. Not badly done, just boring.

Vocal Grade: B — Musical Grade: B

Overall Grade: B-

As I expected, TRUST ME is more dance influenced, and again, kind of boring. I think that the sound is really nice, and his vocals are kind of average if not a bit less than normal, but it’s still boring like Birth of Treasure. At the end of the lines in the chorus, I kept thinking something dramatic was going to happen, but I kept getting stuck with the slightly obnoxious and repetetive ‘trust me’ lyrics that just did nothing good for me. K’s vocals are never bad, but I still am bored with this song. It reminds me of a watered down ‘Thirsty’, but more boring and uneventful. I really wanted to hear some interesting vocals from K, which I kind of got at the end of the chorus. However, those slightly intriguing chorus end vocals weren’t enough to pull the song out of the pool of boredom that it was sitting in. I also didn’t care for the english lyrics because he repeated the same ones through the whole song. This single is just really doing nothing for me so far…

Vocal Grade: B- — Musical Grade; B

Overall Grade: B-

I was pretty shocked in the beginning of To Be With You, because it featured a nice guitar piece. I like this song a heck of a lot more than either of the other two tracks on the single, because it featured and un-K like sound that makes it sounds like some soulful southern… erm… song… It kind of reminds me of that old song ‘Lean on Me’ during the chorus for some reason, and I think it’s the way that he sings it in a kind of chorus of himself. He probably put a few different vocal tracks along side each other to make it. The song is a lot more interesting musically, and vocally as well. The english lyrics aren’t really that great, but I think that the overall sound is pretty unique and pleasant. The guitar and light beat form an almost country song, like something Little Big Town would do or something… Pretty good…

Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-


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