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SINGLE REVIEW: melody.’s ‘Love Story’

melody. is one of the artists that I’ve been fairly undecided about for a while, mostly because her work has very little diversity. She has a really nice voice, and I think she can do more with it, but she seems to wish to stick to all of her normal work, and she rarely steps outside of the box for anything more than a ballad or slightly different song. Of her work that I’ve heard, she’s big on dance music and inspirational songs, which I guess is cool. I like her music, I just tire of it quickly, usually. Here’s melody.’s single ‘Love Story’


Honestly, I am very impressed by melody.’s vocal performance in the single’s A-side, Love Story. She puts a lot of strong feelings into this touching ballad, and I applaud her for it. Although it’s not very original, it is very beautifully done both musically and vocally. She hits a string of notes that really show the power of her voice, and I wish she would just do it more often. This is definitely more of a slowed down ballad which features beautiful piano and a few other various instruments. The entire set up is very powerful, and I think that it’s an excellent song for a single. This is by far one of the better songs I’ve heard from her, and I think that anyone can really appreciate what she gives in this song.

Vocal Grade: A+ — Musical Grade: A — Consistency Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+

The B-Side of the Love Story single is the much faster and much more dance-oriented BoRn 2 luv U. Honestly, I hate rap with a passion, so when the male vocalist [if you can even call him that] who is featured in this song did his little rapping segments, I was annoyed. Alone, melody. does a fine job carrying the song. However, with the annoying and poorly done vocals of the featured male, it makes the song grating and displeasing to me. I don’t like the way he raps, and I generally don’t like the way it fits into the song. Switching from normal, decent singing to rap just ruins the consistency and is kind of obnoxious. melody. herself does a good job, but I think the other vocalist in this song kind of screwed her over.

Vocal Grade: B- — Musical Grade: B+ — Consistency Grade: C

Overall Grade: B-



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SINGLE REVIEW: melody.- Finding my Road



I don’t know much about melody., other than that she was borin in Hawaii and, not unlike Leah Dizon, was imported to Japan when some record compan y there found out that she can sing. I agree with said company, and after listening to this song, I can deduce that melody. can indeed sing. Her stage name is really obnoxious, however, and I hate writing it with the period that it is supposed to come with. In my opinion, punctuation does not belong in stage names… Anyway, this is a one song single {meaning one song not including instrumentals}, and I’m only going to be reviewing said one song. Here we are with melody.’s ‘Finding my Road’


I thought that Finding my Road was actually quite good. melody. has a great voice, and that really shows during this song. There are a few rocky parts, such as when she sings ‘try, try, try’. I think that melody. can still improve, and that she has an impressive talent. I really liked the beat, and the PV shows that melody. is a really beauitful girl. I think the song is a great showcase of melody.’s talent, and that she has a great future ahead of her. It’s cool to have another promising artist to follow. I’m really interested to see what melody. does next.

Vocal Grade: A- — Musical Grade: A

Overall Grade: A-


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