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SINGLE REVIEW: misono- Mugen Kigen

misono- Mugen Kigen

I stand by my opinion that misono’s last single was dreadful, despite the fact I got criticism for it. I do not think misono is a weak artist, but I still think that Juunin Toiro was possibly the worst song I heard in 2007. I liked Zasetsu Chiten, so I really don’t understand why people think I’m just hating on misono. I gave that song an A-!! The fact is that her last single was vocally heinous, and there was simply no recovering from it. I’m hoping for improvement in this song, but I don’t know what to expect yet, so I guess we’ll find out.


The lead track on the single is Mugen Kigen, which (praise god) is an enormous vocal improvement over her last A-Side. I do not believe that misono’s voice is very powerful, but her tone is engaging and, if used correctly, she can pull off a song quite well. Her voices is slightly flimsy when it comes to power notes, but she would be good at creating a melancholic atmosphere due to her somewhat whiny delivery. She sounds like she’s crying most of the time, though it is attractive usually. Musically the song is made up of repetitive percussion and fairly gentle guitar riffs. Actually, they aren’t all that gentle, but the fact that they sort of made them fade in to the background takes away the fierce edge they would have if they were presented more loudly. I can’t say that this song has anything particularly interesting about it, though I like the very last note. There isn’t much of a build up, and it doesn’t peak anywhere. It kind of just drags on without a lot of direction or momentum. I don’t know. There’s some nice guitar, and I enjoy misono’s vocal performance for the most part. I guess nothing just really jumps out at me.

Vocal Performance Grade: B+ — Musical Performance Grade: B — Composition Grade: B-

Overall Grade: B

Next up is Last Song, which begins with nicely played and gentle acoustic chords followed by shockingly pleasant vocals from misono that are quite remeniscent of Koda Kumi’s past works. I like the verses, but overall the song is a tad bit boring. The songs major flaw is repetitive composition. For once, misono gives a vocal performance worthy of being recorded. Instead of just bearing with her vocals I actually enjoyed them. The tonal imperfections made the song more personable, and it actually ended up working out well. misono’s voice works out well in ballads, though there were a few or more sour notes. I was glad they didn’t try to complicate the track with thick instrumentation. There are a few points where I wish misono had worked a bit harder to end the note right, but, again, I’m impressed overall with her execution. It’s a bit less whiny and more solid than usual. I hope misono leaves the rock vibe behind and moves maybe in a more pop-ish direction, focusing on a mainstream sound. I guess we’ll find out how she develops with her coming album.

Vocal Performance Grade: A- — Musical Performance Grade: A — Composition Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-



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[Single] misono- Juunin Toiro

SINGLE REVIEW: misono’s ‘Juunin Toiro’

misono- Juunin Toiro

misono is an artist I’ve never been a huge fan of, but I casually listen to some of her music. I graded the first of her ‘rock’ singles, Zasetsu Chiten, and now her latest, Juunin Toiro, is about to drop. I guess it will also be rock influenced, but the cover doesn’t really allude to that. I always haste misleading covers. Well anyway, here we go. misono’s latest single ‘Juuin Toiro’.


So the song starts off with percussion and guitar like expected, but I didn’t care for it because of how awkward it felt. Juunin Toiro‘s composition is pretty bland. misono’s entry vocals were shaky, but I expected them to get better around the chorus. They weren’t really bad, but they were kind of boring and I was just waiting for the next part of the song to arrive. I wish it hadn’t. The chorus is absolutely awful and her vocals only get more unpleasant. Not only is the song basically a big pile of the same thing over and over again with no interesting factors what so ever, but the vocals in the chorus are really bad. I don’t really understand what she was thinking when she made this. I don’t know how you couldn’t tell that this is gross sounding. Sorry misono, I don’t know what’s going through your head. Her vocals are just all over the place and it seriously ruins the song.

Vocal Grade: F+ — Musical Grade: D — Consisntency Grade: B+

Overall Grade: D-

The B-Side, Giza Giza LIFE, is only a little bit better because her vocals are slightly more controlled, but I have to say that it is still ridiculously boring. This song was not interesting at all and did not pull me in. The beginning was extremely repetetive and the composition was bland. I don’t know why this single turned out so awfully, and I can’t imagine her being to proud of it. The chorus is barely any better than the verses, and her vocals are only barely better than the previous track. The music consists of guitar, bass, and percussion, but nothing really stands out. Honestly this song makes me think of something that a brand new experienceless artist would have just to play at clubs before they were even recognized. I’m assuming that her debut was better than this, because I would’ve dropped her.

Vocal Grade: C- — Musical Grade: C — Consistency Grade: B

Overall Grade: C-


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SINGLE REVIEW: misono’s ‘Zasetsu Chiten’

Ah misono, the younger sister of Japan’s singer queen Koda Kumi. I’ve always been a fan of Kumi, but I don’t really know much about misono. I’ve had a few friends tell me that they like her, so I figured I’d give her a shot. I’m starting from here, though this may be a bad place to begin considering that this is the first of her ‘rock’ singles that she’s going to be putting out… Well, I guess we’ll see what’s up in the review of misono’s latest single ‘Zasetsu Chiten’.


Rock single indeed… Zasetsu Chiten starts out with furious guitar and cymbals, all of which mold a classic rock song. misono’s vocals are pretty good, but I’ve heard better. I’m going to choose to not compare her to Koda Kumi, since they really aren’t on the same level. misono’s vocals are best in the chorus which is the real rock part of the song. The verses slow down musically and vocally, but the chorus brings back the raging electric guitar, and sets the tone. The song sounds kind of angry, but I don’t think misono sounds like she fits with the song very well. Even so, I do actually like this song. It could be a bit more consistent, but I think that it’s overall a very well rounded and performed song.

Vocal Grade: B+ — Musical Grade: A — Consistency Grade: B

Overall Grade: A-

The B side of the single [whose name is really obnoxiously long] is called black & white ~Kuroi Sunglasses Kaketa Hi Kara~. My first impression of this song is that misono’s vocals are kind of whiny, and it is beginning to really bug me. The worst part is during the chorus where she sounds like she is singing right out of her nostrils. This destroyed the vocals of the song and really created an atmosphere that annoyed me to no end. I think that if she had just controlled her vocals a little better rather than letting them just fly everywhere it may have been a really enjoyable. However, she didn’t. And thus, I was left with a somewhat obnoxious song.

Vocal Grade: D+ — Musical Grade: A- — Consistency Grade: C

Overall Grade: C


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