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Tackey & Tsubasa- SAMURAI

To be honest, I know next to nothing about the duo Tackey & Tsubasa. What I do know is that it is a group of two males [good lord, what is with Japanese people and boy duos!!?], who sing. I don’t really know if they play instruments, but I guess I’ll find out. They have a pretty big following in Japan, and according to my friend [who just returned from Japan] this song ‘SAMURAI’ was very popular. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m kind of thinking of something along the lines of KinKi Kids. I hope they’re not terrible. I stumbled upon them on one of the forums I’m on by total accident, and decided that I’d check out their latest single. Well, here’s Tackey & Tsubasa’s ‘SAMURAI’


———Well, SAMURAI is interesting and kept me entertained, at least. I thought that the use of the brass instruments was a nice touch, though I’m not sure if Tackey & Tsubasa composed it or not. I’m not really very impressed with their vocals, but I think that they make interesting, very conformist music that fits within the guidelines of manufactured stars… I really don’t see anything special about them, or anything particularly astounding. The song is at least okay, and I don’t mind listening to it. They haven’t really shown me anything that I haven’t seen before, which kind of makes it boring. Basically, I’m just trying to say that they’re very in the middle for me. I don’t dislike them, but I don’t really care for them either. I’ll check out what they come with next. Maybe their voices have some hidden power that will come out in a ballad or something…[?]

Vocal Grade: C+ — Musical Grade: B+ — Consistency Grade: B+ — Harmonization Grade: B

Overall Grade: B-

The intro of Yakusoku ~Flower Song~ reminded me of some old Koda Kumi song [possibly from the 12? Kamen?], but I can’t put my finger on it. In my opinion, the singer’s vocals in this song are very bland and they don’t really bring anything other than averageness to the song. The music is really nothing very interesting either, though I like it better than the vocals. He isn’t singing badly, it’s just so dead sounding. I’m pretty sure that just one of them is singing in this song, but I can’t really tell their voices apart, so I could be wrong. I don’t really like that they sound alike, because it kind of ruins any harmonization when it just sounds like one singer on two vocal tracks. I liked WaT and KinKi Kids and Kobukuro because their voices were all distinctly different, but still harmonized. There is one nice note that one of them hits in this song, but I still think it’s a generally bland and uninteresting song. Not really bad, but just lacking.

Vocal Grade: B- — Musical Grade: B- — Consistency Grade: B

Overall Grade: B-

I understand why Yakusoku ~World Wing~ has a similar name to the previous song now. Which is that they are the same song. I think that they are actually both solo songs, I just have difficulty telling. Either way, this song is MUCH better. The music is improved, and the vocals in this song are much more controlled and powerful. I’m not sure which one this is, but his voice sounds different than the ~Flowers Song~ version. I think that the really cool gospel-ish choir voices in the background add an element of power and fun to the song, and I think this is my favorite song off the single thus far. The instruments are nice, and the vocals are as well. I’ll have to find out which one this is, because his voice is much stronger.

Vocal Grade: B+ — Musical Grade: B+ — Consistency Grade: B+

Overall Grade: B+

I think that the Tackey & Tsubasa often rely on the music to carry the song for them. In HIMEGOTO, their vocals are fair, and the music is pretty good, but I still get a very manufactured conformist feeling from them. It seems to me that they really are just being made into stars rather than actually being talented. That’s not to say they can’t sing, because I think they have nice voices, they just aren’t up to the level that artists like Angela Aki, YUI, WaT, and others are. People who write and compose their own music almost ALWAYS have more feeling and passion in their music than those who just sing whatever they are given. I don’t get the feeling that Tackey and Tsubasa wrote or composed these songs, though I could be wrong.

Vocal Grade: B- — Musical Grade: B — Harmonization Grade: B — Consistency Grade: B

Overall Grade: B-



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