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Younha’s ‘Hakanaku Tsuyoku’



Well, I’m just hoping that this isn’t the last Younha single that I get to grade. I like Younha, but Korean isn’t really my thing… I hope Sony gives her another chance, and I really hope she doesn’t blow it, if it is given. I like the cover for this single, and I’m hoping I’ll like it. It, of course, didn’t chart well at all. I’m not sure how many copies it sold, but if you really want to know, I’m sure that Oricon has it listed somewhere within archives. Well, here’s Hakanaku Tsuyoku.





{Hakanaku tsyoku}


Well, for the first time on this site, Younha’s A-Side appears to have no PV. Hmm, I thought she’d have one released, but whatever. Well, I can happily say that Hakanaku Tsuyoku is a huge improvment over Ima ga Daisuki. Hakanaku Tsuyoku is a rock-ish song with well wrought guitar riffs and a huge improvement musically over her previous single. The guitar was really cool, and it was a ton of fun to listen to. When I first listened to it, I was like, “Generic…” but I’m slowly starting to like it despite having heard it from different artists. Younha does a good job with thing song, and she keeps her voice nice and controlled. The song does not have the vocal passion that Te wo Tsunaide had, but it is much more soulful than the entire Ima ga Daisuki single. Younha can hold a note for quite a while, and I imagine a live performance of this song would be difficult. Every sentence is another long note, which in some ways makes it repetetive, but I like it.


Vocal Grade: B+

Musical Grade: A

Overall Grade: A-






As much as a liked Hakanaku tsuyoku, I liked Aitai even more. Musically it is not incredibe, but still absolutely AMAZING vocally. FINALLY her voice is passionate. I think that Younha’s voice is really suited for ballad songs. I’m really impressed with this song, and I’ve probably listened to it a hundred times since it arrived. I’m totally loving Younha right now, and it makes me really sad that she hasn’t put anything out in Japanese. I really, really like this song, and I’m impressed with Younha’s vocal control and presence. She can do this pained but powerful voice that just screams fantastic. Her vocal prowess is not quite matched by the music so much as the music supports her soft vocals by being really quite and beautiful in their own respect. The guitar is just so pretty. I’d love to learn this song on guitar. I’m really impressed with this performance. Great, great job Younha.


Vocal Grade: A+

Musical Grade: A

Overall Grade: A




Single Grade: A


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Younha’s ‘Ima ga Daisuki’


Younha - Ima ga Daisuki


It seems that I’ve fallen behind on Younha, which means that there will be a couple reviews of her music in a row. These will include two singles (Meaning this one ‘Ima ga daisuki’ and her following one ‘Hakanaku tsuyoku’.) However, there appears to be some bad news with this good news. Younha does not appear to be active with Sony Music Japan, which means that she is not working on any Japanese music anymore… She has released a Korean single followed by a Korean album, and appears to have no intention of going back to Japanese. This could be the end, either by Sony’s choice or Younha’s. She had dismal sucess in Japan, many of her singles bareley charting if they chart at all. I really liked her, and I know many others that did, but it appears that Japan didn’t share in our enthusiasm.Well, regardless of Japan’s opinion, I’m pleased to post ‘Ima ga Daisuki’.




{Ima ga Daisuki}



Umm… Unfortunately, I understand why Younha had little success with this single. The A-Side ‘Ima ga Daisuki’ is kind of bland, and I’m not really all that impressed. I don’t really like some of the notes in it, and I kind of think that its jumbleed. It’s a decent song, and certainly not unpleasant, but I thought it could be so much better. I’m not all that familiar with Younha, though I’m getting there, but I feel that she was definitely capable of something stronger than this with her talent. Her voice was kind of dead, and it didn’t really feel like she actually meant what she was singing. I think the song should have done a lot better than it did on sales, being that even though the song was generic, Younha is a great singer, and she does make the song enjoyable. At first, it was really difficult for me to force myself to sit down and listen to it. And even when I did, I only listened once. Younha was only as good as she usually was… I just expected more from her with this single after hearing te wo tsunaide.


Vocal Grade: B

Musical Grade: B-

Overall Grade: B-


Music Video Grade: B+







Basically, Inori was almost as bad as Ima ga daisuki, but not quite… I think that the somewhat fun and young air of the song was pleasant, and I found myself listening to it more than Ima ga Daisuki when I first got it. However, the song is not much of an improvment. Her vocals are still kind of dead, and I really miss the emotion that Te wo Tsunaide had in it. Younha seemed to really be hampered by the lack of success she was having, and it was clearly impairing her music. Her voice is kind of bland, and the music doesn’t help much. If you’re singing an upbeat song like Inori that appears to be designed to be kind of bubbly and fun, your voice can’t be dead. It needs to be happy like the music, however, Younha didn’t do that. She kind of sounded like she was bored while singing. The same was true for Ima ga Daisuki. This just really isn’t her best single at all… I hope the next one pleases me more than this did.


Vocal Grade: B-

Musical Grade: B-

Overall Grade: B-



Single Grade: B-

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Younha’s ‘Te wo Tsunaide’

I don’t really have much background knowledge on Younha, as this is my first single of her’s that i’ve listened to. I know she has a really cool voice, and she’s a great singer. She’s of Korean descent, but she learned Japanese sometime in Korea. Lucky for Koreans, they can speak english a lot easier than the Japanese, because their language has the same amount of vocal levels. They shed their accents much faster than the japanese, and english isn’t much of a challenge for them. I’ve heard Younha’s english, and I’m pleased. She’s a great singer, and I’m happy to post mine and this websites first Younha single ‘Te wo Tsunaide’


{Te wo Tsunaide}



 Allow me to start off by saying that the music to this single is REALLY cool. Her vocals are great, but I just love listening to the piano. The flowing of the notes and the way they kind of jump around is awesome, and she made it really fun to listen to. Her vocals are strong, and they match the music, though I’m still amazed by the piano. Her voice shifts its manner of singing really quickly and well, which is always a great skill to have. I found this song to be really cool. There’s a point when all the music stops and you’re left with Younha’s really amazing notes vocally, which makes for a really cool moment. I’m pleased with this song, and I think that Younha did a great job. Two thumbs up!


Music Grade: A+

Vocal Grade: A

Overall Grade: A


Music Video Grade: A-





This song, I thought, was good, though not nearly as good as Te wo Tsunaide. I thought the music was catchy, and the vocals were sang very well considering how fast she was speaking. I like the song, though it definitely belonged as a B-side. I think that the the song really didn’t have a lot of varying in the singing. They stayed in the same vocal and musical range for most of the song. And the other thing that made this song wierd for me is that it didn’t really seem to follow a pattern. I’m not sure if this helped or tarnished my idea of the song, but it kept adding new elements as it went, and the verses were almost never the same musically. I enjoyed the song, it was just a little bit strange to me for some reason.


Music Grade: B

Vocal Grade: A-

Overall Grade: B+





homegirl is a really pretty ballad song by Youhna that I’m really impressed with. She managed to soften her voice really well and I loved the featured sad harmonica, which just made the song prettier. I didn’t like it as much as Te wo Tsunaide, simply because I can’t listen to it over and over again. I do really like it though, and I listen to it when I’m studying and when I’m getting ready for bed. I find the soft piano really comforting and the song has great musical aspects. Although the harmonica only shows up a couple times, I still really like it. Youhna did a great job on this song, and I’m impressed with her falsetto. Great job, Youhna.


Music Grade: A-

Vocal Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-

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